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Black German Shepherds

German shepherds with completely black coats (no tan or grey) are not as common as dogs with sable or black/tan coats. Even rarer are dogs that are completely black. Some that appear to be solid black have tan or grey coloring under the tail, around the toes, around the rectal region, or in the undercoat around the shoulders and neck. Unlike white German shepherds, pure black dogs are accepted as the result of normal genetic expression in the breeding and show dog communities.

Breeders that specialize in developing pure black German shepherds have documented that dogs will show fewer light hairs with each successive generation until they were pure black. However, some breeders don’t recommend pairing black German shepherds to deepen the pigmentation unless the dogs’ ancestries consist of canines with dark patterns. This is because there have been plenty of instances when black and tan German shepherds have produced solid black puppies and vice versa. So you may breed solid black shepherds and end up with bi-colored pups.

In German shepherds, the gene that produces black coloring only controls the amount of the pigment produced, not the actual color of the hair. It is a recessive gene that may be inherited by progeny for several generations before the desired coloring is obtained. So even if your dog and his forebears have not exhibited any black coloring, it is still possible that a pure black German shepherd may be produced with the right breeding.

There is no difference in temperament or any other characteristics between pure black German shepherds and those of other colorings. Because people love the way these dogs look, many have devoted themselves to breeding dogs of this coat color. If you want to get a pure black German shepherd, it is best to get one from a professional breeder. Backyard breeders tend to only focus on coat color and nothing else. Thus, the dogs produced are mediocre in quality. A professional breeder breeds for all traits equally and tend to produce high-quality dogs that will be good companions and workers for life.